Amy x Mr Fox (F1 Cockapoo Litter)

This Litter is Now Fully Reserved

Amy has had a huge litter for a first time mum, with 9 puppies!  She's been a super mum right from the first pup and is doing a really good job rearing them all by herself. Included in the litter was a slightly smaller sable boy who we were a little worried might get pushed out by the rest of the pups, but he is now just as big and strong as his brothers & sisters! What a good Mum! In the litter there are 2 sable girls and 2 gold girls, 3 sable boys and 2 gold boys.  

Although we don't take deposits until the pups are 14 days+ we are happy to receive visitors, or make a connection with prospective owners over the phone, and make verbal reservations.

Verbal reservations are made on;

The gold boy without white on his face - (KC)

The gold girl without white on her face - (JB)

The light gold boy with the white stripe on his face (DC)

The gold girl with the small white star and pink nose - (CK)

The sable boy with the big white markings - (WP)

The sable boy without any white in the middle of the picture (DH)

The sable girls without any white (Mrs F)

The sable boy without any white (N&S).

Above are the 4 girls, below are the 5 boys. 

Below are some updated pictures taken 14th dec. If you look closely you can see their eyes are just starting to open! 


The 4 girls are above, and the 5 boys are below.