Please could the lady that missed out on reserving a little girl from the past 3 litters give me a call? I've lost your details... sorry! 

Ginger and Mr Fox's long awaited puppies are finally available to reserve!

In the pictures the girls are on pink and the boys are on blue.

We have;

Sable girl with small white star RESERVED MA 633956

Sable girl RESERVED CH 633949

Cream Girl RESERVED DB 633941

Cream Boy (smaller) RESERVED LO 633954

Cream Boy 2 (larger) RESERVED CM 633942

Cream Boy 3 (darker red nose) RESERVED RG 633955

If you aren't successful in reserving a puppy from this litter, we have bred Summer and Mr Fox for a litter in around 7 weeks time. 

Updated pictures 01/06/18 (the nanny is one of our young bitches 'Dotty', not their mum Ginger...)