Jingle & Ted have had 9 lovely little golden puppies! 

I've added some pictures of Titch, as well as a report from the Vet who throughly examined him... TITCH HAS NOW SOLD! 

Dear Mr  Graham  Mugleston /  Mrs Liz Bradborn,

Further to our consultation this morning I am writing to conrirm my findings .

Golden male pup   chip No .  953010002375907 .  1.58 kg .  Siblings average weight 2.5 kg .

The puppy is outwardly healthy  , with no abnormalities found on clinical examination . He is outgoing and just seems like a smaller version of his littermates !

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information ,




Yours sincerely , Simon K White BVSc  MRCVS


White Lodge Veterinary Clinic

I have a confession to make to everyone following this litter.... Jingle didn't have 9 puppies, she actually had 10! One was so very tiny we doubted he would ever live so didn't want to tell people about him just in case, but we would never let anything go without having done our very best, so Titch, as he became known, lived with his mum but we bottle fed him on top of any milk he could get from Jingle (in amoungst his giant brothers and sisters). At about 14 days we got him licking up raw meat gravy, then paste and then puppy food (all courtesy of Natural Instinct Raw food which I can't recommend highly enough), and he's now nearly 5 weeks old and we are seriously keeping our fingers crossed that he's going to be OK! He is still absolutely tiny, and will need to stay with his mum long after the rest of the litter have gone, probably until hes 10-12 weeks old, but he's such a little fighter, and so incredibly cute! So I though I would introduce you to him with some photographs! We won't let him be reserved before passing his vet check at 8 weeks old, but after that then he will be looking for a very special new home. 

There are 7 boys and 2 girls, some with little white snips, some very slightly lighter or darker, but a very even litter. 

Jingle would be one of our most active mums, she love running about and sniffing throught the woods, and is a bit less lazy then some of our typical Show Types, so her puppies are more likely to be suited to active families and outdoor loving people rather than sofa-dogs, but they should also inherit her incredibly kind, gentle and intelligent nature. 

These puppies will be £1500 with verbal reservations taken immediately, but no deposit due until after puppies are 14 days. 

In the photos, girls are on pink and boys are on blue. 

Gold boy biggest white star RESERVED EE (633651)

Gold boy tiny white star RESERVED RM (633642)

Gold tiny white dot boy RESERVED GL (633652)

Biggest Gold boy Reserved LD (633641)

Curliest Gold boy RESERVED LS (633643)

Bigger plain Gold boy RESERVED AB (633648) 

Smaller plain Gold boy RESERVED PW (351866)

Lighter Gold girl RESERVED HC (351861)

Darker Gold girl RESERVED S (351880)