Pick of the Litter

Following feedback from our customers, we have decided to offer an optional 'Pick or the Litter' service. 

This option would allow one puppy from each litter to be purchased anytime from prior to birth, up until the date of the standard reservation, for the sum of £10,000.00

We would put any additional money raised towards one of the good causes that we support. 

Anyone who selects this bespoke service will be able to choose a litter of interest, if prior to birth they will be fully informed of the birth details straight away, and they will then have advance pictures of the litter and will be able to pick from the full litter for a puppy with the sex and colour of their choice. They will receive weekly updates of the chosen puppy, and will not need to go through the stress and worry of the phone in on reservation night.

We would ask for 25% deposit on verbal agreement, and 75% payable on collection for this special service.

This option is of course completely optional, and the litter will still go up for reservation in the normal way if no one chooses a Pick of the Litter. 

Just give us a call on 01598 741444

Just as a little explanation for the people already waiting for a puppy that can't afford £10,000. We are receiving over 20 new inquires most days from people looking to buy a puppy, and asking why we are the cheapest in the country, and asking what price we would take to give them a code. We haven't given any one new a code, as we respect our existing customers and are honoring that loyalty. This 'Pick of the Litter' is out of most peoples price range so it is not something we think many, if any, people would be able to take up, it is just a way of simplifying things for us (and people reading the website) so we don't need to spend hours everyday turning people away & explaing why.

We hope you understand. 

Whilst on the topic though, we are going to have to increase our puppies prices soon due to the huge rise in Veterinary & Laboratory charges since Covid19.