Zippy (F1 Cockapoo) x Mr Fox (Poodle) 

We have had a stunning litter of F1b cockapoo puppies, mum is Zippy one of our home bred F1 cockapoos and dad is Mr Fox our deep red mini Poodle so these puppies are 3/4 poodle 1/4 show type cocker spaniel.

We are super excited to have had a few Deep Red puppies and as well as some red and golds. There are 4 girls and 2 boys. Zippy is a first time mum and is very protective of her litter, but a very good mum! As a personality, Zippy is a clever but sensitive personality, very loyal and loving, and desperate to please. Her puppies will probably inherit her intelligence so would be well suited to homes that ill enjoy training, even if it's just within the home. Agility or other fun hobbies would also come naturally. Within the litter there appear to be 2 puppies which will have the more poodle coat with tighter curls, and the rest should have the more traditional F1 waves.

We have used coloured collars for the first time to make it easier to see which puppy is which, photo's were taken at 14 days. 

We are welcoming reservations on this litter;

Purple; Red Boy (64044) RESERVED CN

Dark Blue; Red Boy (634058) RESERVED NM

Lilac; Red Girl (64050) RESERVED BP

Pink; Deep Red Girl with very curly coat (634045) RESERVED DB

Yellow; Deep Red Girl with very curly coat (634060) RESERVED PM

Orange; Gold Girl (634047) RESERVED ZN