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Welcome to Hallslake Cocker Spaniels and Cockapoos! 

Please call, WhatsApp or text; 

07870 213 012

We are a Cockapoo Club GB Approved, Kennel Club Registered Breeder of F1 (& occasional F1b) Cockapoos, and English Show Type Cocker Spaniels.

F1 Cockapoos are a straight cross between fully KC registered Pedigree Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Poodles, an F1b is where an F1 Cockapoo has been crossed back to either a Poodle or Cocker Spaniel.

All of our Stud dogs are DNA tested for numerous inherited conditions including PRA and FN (which are terrible diseases of the eye or kidneys) Von Willebrand disease, Degenerative Myelopathy, Neonatal encephalopathy, Acral Mutilation Syndrome, and none are affected (AA clear). They are also all taken for annual eye tests, and have been hip scored. This means none of their puppies can ever be affected by any terrible conditions.

Unlike many breeders our bitches are also extensively health tested - have a look at our 'Health Testing'page for more info.


Here at Hallslake we take the health & happiness of our dogs and puppies extremely seriously.

We have a small outstanding kennels on the top of Exmoor with views going right across the sea to Wales. Nothing is missed in our efforts to raise healthy, well socialised, friendly puppies ready to go forward in the their new homes. Our lovely pups are predominantly born in our kitchen and stay in the house for their first few days of life, unless the mum is considerate enough to have her puppies in the day time when they are down in our indoor, heated kennels, where we ourselves spend most of our day. Once the puppies are old enough to go outside, they spend the nice weather days playing in our garden and spend the nights inside our luxury kennels. All of our puppies are wormed every 2 weeks from birth as the vets recommend, they are protected against fleas using Stronghold, and they are weaned on to a combination of top quality puppy food, starting with RAW puppy paste and then moving on to 'Beco Puppy' dry complete food before they go to their new homes (when some is sent home with them). 

Our puppies are well used to different sights and sounds, we take socialisation very seriously! Amongst other things, our puppies will all be used to seeing, hearing and smelling loads of different people, vehicles, farm machinery and children, cats, chickens, ponies and sheep and much, much more!

Being bred out of a 'Show Type' cocker spaniels, our puppies (either Cockers or Cockapoos) will be calmer and more laid back than puppies bred from 'Working Type' cocker spaniels, they also have longer and curlier coats, and more of a domed head with longer ears, making them VERY PRETTY!  Cockapoos are born with very similar coats to pure Cockers, but as time goes on, their coats keep growing longer and wavier. At 2 weeks old when the puppies are first photographed, they still have relatively short coats, but they will continue to grow!

Before leaving for their new homes our puppies will have visited the vets and had their first vaccinations, full individual health check & examination, been micro chipped and will leave with their vet issued vaccination card, a full contract, receipt and information pack (including worming, flea treatments, feed, grooming, exercise and socialisation details),  copies of Mum & Dads pedigree & health test results, puppy's health checks & vaccination card, a bag of food to settle them in, and a smelly teddy to make them feel more at home in their new home. The pure bred Cocker Spaniels will have KC registration papers (endorsed unless agreed otherwise), and the Cockapoos will be eligible to be registered with The Cockapoo Club GB, or Kennel Club Companion Dog or Activity Register. Both parents are always here to see when you come to meet the pups (unless we have used an outside stud dog to introduce new blood lines), as well as a large welcoming committee of four legged friends and family! 

We do live in the middle of nowhere, but it's very beautiful and a scenic drive, so well worth the trip. Please bring scruffy clothes and shoes as we are on a farm and there are lots of muddy jumping up paws!

Please have a look at the 'Reserving a Puppy' page if you are looking for a puppy,

or call, text or WhatsApp Graham on 07870 213012.

We live on the Devon / Somerset borders, approximately 45 minutes from Taunton, or an hour from Exeter.