Rio x Ember F1 Cockapoos

Born 5th April, 8 weeks old 31st May 2024


Rio has done herself (and us) proud with this super classic litter of red, F1 cockapoos. 4 girls and 3 boys. Rio herself is a really lovely and fun girl. Confident & friendly without being too pushy, and we would expect her to pass on her great nature to her babies. This is a really classic F1 litter, with great colour and already showing the start of the lovely wave in the coat that we all love in an F1. They're a fun litter of puppies and love playing in the grass now the weather is finally improving. 

Pink Collar - Girl - Chip 312552 - Reserved

Purple Collar - Girl - Chip 312553 - Reserved

Yellow Collar - Girl - Chip 312550 - Reserved

Red Collar - Girl- Chip 312556 - Reserved

Brown Collar - Boy- Chip 312546 - Reserved

Blue Collar - Boy- Chip 312545 - Reserved

Green Collar - Boy- Chip 312554 - Available (reserved at 4 weeks but reavailable due to a change in circumstances)