Peas x Mr Fox

Born 28th Feb 2022

Ready to go now (just had 1st vaccs)


Just look how perfect these boys we have available are! They are all gold & Red sables and have just the loveliest classic F1 ringlet wavy coats. This is the last litter we will be having from Mr Fox as he has now been castrated and is off to a new sofa as a pet!

When our boys or girls have had 4 litters, or if they give us the feeling they don't enjoy being a Mum , we offer them to homes as pets on a permanent loan basis. This means that technically we still own them (so they can never be sold on, or be at risk) but they are available, for free, to very loving and carefully chosen homes, where they can be spoiled and loved for the rest of their days. If you would be interested in permanently fostering one of our girls, (or occasionally boys), please do get in touch, and we will discuss each of our dogs personalities to see if you are suited.