Bounty x Ember F1 Cockapoos.

Born 23rd April, 8 weeks old 18th June 2024

Bounty is just a lovely girl, shes kind, gentle and really loving. She is the daughter of my own Mable who did very well in the show ring and also went on to act as a therapy dog. Mable and Dora are the 2 main female lines that we have use in the foundation of our pack here as they are fit, healthy and beautiful, but above anything else they have passed on the most incredible temperament to their puppies. We would expect this litter of Bounty & Embers to be classic Cockapoos with loving, loyal but fun and bouncy personalities, and also to sport the classic wavy coats and Teddy-Bear faces. 

I am adding a video rather than pictures for a change (as I try to update my technical abilities), but we will take some pictures as well to make the coloured collars easier to pick out. The puppies were having a lovely time playing in the sunshine on the grass, but were very cross about the collars being added for the first time, so spent much of the time trying to scratch them off!