Chips x Repertoire Born to be Wild

(Kennel Club Reg pure Cocker Spaniels)

Born 11th September 2019

Ready to go from 8th November 2019

Chips is one of our amazing Dora's first litter of puppies. We retained Chips, along with her sister Scampi, as we just adore the temperment of this line of Cockers. Have a look at Dora's photos and you will see why! Chips herself is a very beautiful and correct bitch, shes proud and loving, and has a real air of importance as she struts her stuff around the farm. She's inherited her Mum's gentle nature and loves our kids, and (unlike Dora) is actually a brilliant mother to her own puppies too! Being that Chips is fathered by our stud dog Beano we needed to use an outside stud to father this litter, and we chose a lovely orange and white roan Cocker Spaniel who stands locally, with the hope of breeding some more orange roan girls-which we were lucky enough to achieve. 

We are only letting the 2 boys go, and they are pictured below. 

There is one orange roan boy, who is going to be more of a tall, very long earer, posh looking, typical show type Spaniel. And there is one golden / red boy who will be a bit shorter and wider than his brother and will end up looking more like his grandmother, Dora. 

These two puppies will be made available to reserve at 7pm on Saturday 12th October. Please read our reservations process before calling. 

Orange & White Roan Boy - Reserved K.F

Golden / Red Boy - Reserved J.S