Bella x Willy

Born 15th Feb 2022

Bella is very sweet and loving, a gentle soul and a bit of a favorite. A classic Show Type in every sense. We expect these puppies to have very wavy, thick, ringlet coats, classic F1 looks, and a beautiful temperament. 

I have always adored the chocolate colouring on Cockapoos, and lately this colour is becoming really popular again, which I'm delighted to see. 

We have used coloured collars to make it easier to see which puppy is which, amazingly, all the chocolates are boys, and the only gold puppy, is the only girl! 

Please call us, or send Graham a WhatsApp if you are interested in this litter. 

I've added a few pictures of the gorgeous slightly older puppies just to show how gorgeous these chocolate puppies are as they grow in to their curls! These puppies are almost 10 weeks old in the picture so you can see how much, and how quickly, they change as they grow! 


It's always a bit if sport taking pictures of the puppies - It's a two man job as they're inevitably too close to one of us...  I though I would leave this one of Graham uncropped just for comody value! 

PS. We have been using recycled paper bedding, which is what the white dust is on the puppies coats.