Firstly, we would like to make it clear, that we still very much encourage people to come to our farm to meet Mum & Dad, and see the environment that the puppies are growing up in. This service is not in any way to discourage people from coming to visit us here at Hallslake.... However we know that for some people traveling all the wat to Exmoor can be very difficult, or sometimes impossible, So for those people we are able to deliver your puppy for you. 

Since Covid-19 there has been a huge rise in animal couriers, and people not being able to collect in person for various reasons. Whilst many transporters are very professional, we much prefer to keep the continuity for Puppy, by traveling him (or her) with litter mates, or mum or a nanny. He will be in a familiar smelling bed and with familiar people who can stop and give him a cuddle or clean him up if he needs the loo, is sick or sad, so will not be upset by his first long journey. By offering to deliver our puppies ourselves, we are able to maintain consistently good care & mental wellbeing of our puppies from the moment they are born, until the moment reach the hands of their new owners, which for us as breeders, is very important.


The children thought it would be very sensible to get Dora some PPE when they heard she was going to be assisting with the delivering of puppies-safety first haha! She is SUCH a good (and long suffering) dog!


Usually Catherine will deliver the puppies to their new homes. 'Cat' works in the kennels every day and lives here on site, so is a totally familiar face to the puppies, so they all feel confident and relaxed with her. 

Cat can chat with you directly to arrange the delivery, usually a few days prior to our planned delivery date, and will iron out all the fine details.

The cost will usually be £1 per mile (one way) but will be less if there are a few litter mates able to be delivered on the same day. This delivery is not done for profit, it is just to try to ensure the best first long journey for the puppies, and to her the new puppy parents. Our Post Code is EX35 6LG if you would like to work out the mileage. 

We will travel puppies being delivered together in family or friendship groups, in a crate in the back of the car for the longest part of the journey. If it is a single puppy being delivered, either Mum, Dora-Dog. or Cat's own dog Cashew will go along as nanny, to keep them company. For or the actual drop off we will either carry puppy straight to you, or if you are shielding or at risk, we will put Puppy in cardboard travel box, and will place them along with their full puppy pack, paperwork, food & toys on your doorstep. 


We do ask that all Puppies are paid for in full via bank transfer, PRIOR to delivery please.