The children thought it would be very sensible to get Dora some PPE when they heard she was going to be assisting with the delivering of puppies-safety first haha! She is SUCH a good (and long suffering) dog!

With the current Lock Down due to Covid19 we are strongly recommending that you let us arrange delivery of your puppies directly to your door rather than collecting in person. 

All collections or drop off's will be completely contactless, and will be organised by us, and discussed fully with new puppy parents in advance. 

We had been planning to use a professional pet courier for the deliveries, however a longstanding friend & employee 'Tom' has offered to help us get all the puppies to their new homes. Tom has had his own dogs for many years & is very competent with handling puppies. He is also a familiar face here at Hallslake, so all the dogs & puppies will feel confident and relaxed with him. 

Tom or his daughter Hannah, will contact puppy parents directly a few days prior to delivery date, and will iron out all the fine details. The cost will be born by the buyers, however it is very reasonable and works out little more than it would cost to collect in person, with average costs being between £100-£150. 

We will travel the puppies together in a crate in the back of the car for the longest part of the journey, (with Dora-Dog going along to keep them company), but for the actual drop off we will put the puppies in cardboard travel boxes, and will place them along with their full puppy pack, paperwork, food & toys on your doorstep. Tom will then stand well back in his PPE while you pick everything up, ensuring the transfer is totally contactless. All current payment for puppies or delivery we are asking to be made via bank transfer at this time please. 

Please also be aware that at this point in time Veterinary Surgeries are all closed for all but life threatening emergencies so unfortunately our puppies will NOT be able to go through their normal vet checks. We are able to administer their microchips and 1st vaccinations here at Hallslake, and should there be any health issues arising that would have been discovered on a vet check, we will of course stand behind our puppy as we always would, covering any incurred costs. It is HIGHLY unusual for any of our puppies to show any serious health condition at the health check as all the parents are so well screened for any hereditary health problems. Small and insignificant problems which can sometimes arise include a retained testicle in young males, this almost always drops as the puppy matures, but if it does not we cover the cost of additional surgery during neutering. The only other thing that sometimes is noted is an innocent heart murmur, this can be heard in some young puppies, this also normally rectifies it's self as the puppy grows up.  If your Vets are unable to arrange the 2nd vaccinations for your puppy, we are able to keep puppies here a little longer and get them done for you. Most vets while not conducting routine vaccinations, will complete the initial course.