We do have availablility, & are open for waiting list reservations now. 

Initially we like to have a chat over WhatApp, email, or ideally on the phone, giving as much detail as possible about your requirements, your situation, and your experience with dogs as possible. We like to discuss your needs and suitability for a puppy, and will ask questions about your lifestyle and activity levels (we have some litters who we will expect to love to be in a busy active home with loads of exercise, while others who will happily sleep on your feet all day while you read the news paper). We will ask what breed / sex / colour you are looking for, and how flexible you are on these things, and we will then discuss potential planned litters, mother & father temperaments,  and let you know the potential suitability of a planned puppy to fit in to your home. We love people to come to the farm and meet the pack, and see just how we do things here, even if you're not quite ready for a puppy yet, it's a great fact finding experience. Everywhere & everyone is open to view, and we really encourage coming in person to Hallslake. Saturdays are best for us, and almost any Saturday at 11am or 2pm should be fine. Always best to book in with us though in case we are away with the children or at a show. 

Once you have visited, or asked us any questions you might have, if are happy to select and commit to us as your chosen breeder, and us to you, then we ask for a deposit of £250 to accept you on to the waiting list, and a further £250 is asked for once you have had a specific puppy reserved to you (once he or she has been born). When you have a puppy reserved in your name, we will give you the last digits of the puppy's microchip number to use as a reference. We then use this number as a payment reference for bank transfers, as it makes it much easier for us to track & confirm. Once the first two deposits have been paid we don't ask for final payment until the puppy is ready to be collected wuth remaining balance to be paid before, or at collection.  

We will only make a list of 7 people per litter, and the pick will go in order of the dates that the deposits are received. The deposit is to confirm commitment to waiting for a puppy from us specifically, so we are able to plan sensibly.  We will give people who have paid a deposit the option on 3 different litters if they can't find the right puppy for their requirements straight away, and we will refund the deposit to anyone who has not been offered a puppy within 12 months of paying their deposit. The deposit will NOT be refundable for a change of mind, or finding a different puppy from a different seller. The payment of a deposit shows a firm and lasting commitment, and forms a partnership between yourselves and us, and it will be deducted from the puppy's final price at collection.

The cost of a Hallslake Puppy is £1850 for puppies staying in the UK (including VAT)

For puppies which are going to be exported we ask a complete price of £2500 which covers the price of the puppy, it's socialisation and keep up to 16 weeks of age (which is the earliest they are permitted to travel abroad), their 2nd vaccination, rabies vaccination, European Health Checks, Fit to Fly Certs & Tape worm treatments. Since the Brexit deal has been finalised the paperwork & requirements needed to enable a puppy to be able to travel abroad have quadrupled, as have all related travel costs.. £500 deposit is asked for as normal at reservation (£250 to go on the waiting list & £250 at the conformation of a specific puppy) with the remaining balance payable when the puppy reaches 8 weeks old (the date at which it would be old enought to leave for it's new home were it saying in the UK). 

We are also able to offer international door to door private delivery, at a very reasonable cost, with one of our staff. This means puppy can be happy and with someone familiar who whole journey.  This will be at the puppy parents expense.