We are currently not accepting new enquiries and are only allowing people who have already been trying for some time, to reserve a puppy. This is being done by issuing an individual code to people who have written us a letter to Hallslake Farm, with a screen shot of call history, phone bill, dates etc as proof of previous attempts. Then suitable homes, have been issued with a code which may be used on a reservation night to allow reservation of a puppy.

Only people with codes will be allowed to reserve a puppy so please don't call in unless we have given you one.

As we had no way of actually knowing how many people have been trying to get a puppy from us, we have had to make a closing date for applications, and we made that date the last day of July 2020.

This means that the chances of you getting through on a reservation night are much higher, and if you don't get through the first time, you will have more chance the next time as we will not add new people to the list until all of our applicants have had their chance to attain one of our puppies. Only then will we start registering new interest. We hope this is the fairest way to support our loyal customers who have been determined to stick with us through the reservation process to make sure they end up with a ethically, responsibly and passionately bred puppy raised with care, attention & love.

The good news is that we believe everyone who has have a code given should be able to have a puppy reserved from us with in the next 12 months.