We are going to have a change of how we do things from the beginning of 2021. We are going to start a waiting list in the traditional way.

We are open for waiting list reservations now! 

We are asking for people to write us a letter in order to be accepted on to a waiting list, giving as much detail as possible about yourselves, and specifying what breed / sex / colour you are looking for. It is much easier for us to track the applicants if we have a letter in physical form (rather than emails, messages or telephone calls) as we can file it on the waiting list and avoid anyone being missed. When we recieve your letter in the post, Graham will then call you to discuss planned litters and let you know the potential mothers and your position on a waiting list. We will need to ask for a £250 DEPOSIT FROM PEOPLE IN ORDER TO GO ON THE WAITING LIST but we will only make a list of 8 people per litter. The deposit is to confirm commitment to waiting for a puppy from us specifically, so we are able to plan sensibly.  We will give people who have paid a deposit the option on 3 different litters if they can't find the right puppy for their requirements straight away, and we will refund the deposit to anyone who has not been offered a puppy within 12 months of paying their deposit. The deposit will NOT be refundable for a change of mind, or finding a different puppy from a different seller. It has always been against our policy to ask for deposits, however since making the CODE system over lockdown it has become clear to us that only about 15% of people who initially ask for a puppy are able to commit to having one when the time comes. This makes it very hard for us to be able to plan ahead. We hope a deposit will show a firm and lasting commitment, and it will be deducted from the puppys final price at collection.

The cost of a Hallslake Puppy is £2500 for puppies staying in the UK (including VAT)

Export Puppies are £3250. With the new Brexit changes, I'm afraid that we are temporarily going to have to stop Exports of our puppies. Once the Vets have sorted out how to issue the new paper work we will once again offer it. This covers the price of the puppy, it's socialisation and keep up to 16 weeks of age (which is the earliest they are permitted to travel abroad), their 2nd vaccination, rabies vaccination, their passport, European Health Checks, Fit to Fly Certs & Tape worm injections. Since the Brexit deal has been finalised the paperwork & requirements needed to enable a puppy to be able to travel abroad have quadrupled as have all related travel costs.