Ruby x Robin F1b Cockapoos

Born 18th April 13th June 2023

Aren't these puppies just loveliest deep red! Gorgeous! 

 Being 3/4 poodle we have had a straight 50/50 split on coat types, we have 3 boys with quite curly coats typical of the F1b type, while the 3 girls have leaned much more towards the cocker spaniel side being slightly more F1 in appearance with smoother, looser waves.  They are all gorgeous though!

Ruby is a really lovely  personality who loves to please and is a very gentle natured girl. She will quietly sit quietly by your feet all day only occasionally gently jumping up and putting one paw softly on your leg to encourage a extra bit of attention. Ruby is the result of breeding my two very favorite and best natured dogs, Dora and Paddy, so Ruby has just the very best nature from both Mum & Dad, which we would expect her to pass on to her puppies.

Litter fully Reserved