I am a bit hopeless at gathering up the testimonials, much as we adore receiving them! However, you can find countless Hallslake Puppies on social media which is great as it is completely independent and posted by our puppy parents rather than us! We aren't on instagram (too old haha), however I'm informed that if you look up #HallslakeCockers, there are LOADS of pictures of our babies! 


I lost a four year old beagle to inherited epilepsy which was a heartbreaking experience. I decided to replace the gap in my life with a cockapoo. I searched adverts and found so many for sale but found people were breeding from their pets with friends pets so there would be no knowledge of compatible matings. I was anxious not to repeat any dreadful inherited conditions again. I found Hallslake and I can honestly say I have never seen such a well run breeding kennel with well cared for happy dogs. I stopped my search and decided that however long it took I would wait until I could obtain a Hallslake puppy as they do every thing possible to raise healthy  confident pups. Apart from the impressive quality of the breeding stock, the fact that all the dogs are screened for health conditions was very reassuring and with my past experience essential for peace of mind.

It took five months until I managed to secure a bitch puppy Rio/Mr Fox. The wait was well worth it and Tia is an absolute joy. She is clever, trainable and has a very kind temperament. Added to that she is a very good looking dog and is admired wherever she goes. She has had a character based on her in a series of childrens books and is Tia the Fairy Dog Mother! 

I would like to thank all at Hallslake for my companion and best friend.



Hi Liz and Graham, I just wanted to send you my testimonial...

It's Noodle's first birthday today, Boxing Day 2018, and I can't quite believe it's been 363 days since I came to see her and chose her from Mitzi and Ted's litter when she was just two days old. My husband and I visited again when Noodle was 6 weeks old, then brought her home at eight weeks old. She gets on brilliantly with Bella (our German Shorthaired Pointer) and Zak (who we rehomed a few weeks after Noodle's arrival).  She's a small little girl weighing just over 8kg, but she has a huge personality and is the most loving, funny dog I've ever known! She is the most amazing dog to train and loves learning. She's started agility classes as well which she's picking up quickly. Noodle really is the daughter I never had and she makes us all laugh and smile every day, even my son who doesn't like small dog's can't help smiling when he sees her! Thankyou so much Liz and Graham for trusting me to take on one of your puppies. 

My name is Darcy and it's my 1st birthday today. My mum is Amy and my dad is Mr Fox.
I have attached 3 photos of me so you can see how well I am developing. I was toilet trained in a day and just loved my crate from the start.
I am having a great time living in Barnstaple and go for walks twice daily. One of my favorite places is Instow Beach. I love the sand and mummy says at least I don't get muddy.
We still follow your website and see that my real mum has just had 11 puppies.
Thank you for the wonderful start you gave me. I have changed my owners lives for the better.
Have a nice Christmas 
Love  Darcy.


Here is our beautiful Hugo!!  

What a wonderful time we've had since collecting him from Hallslake. He has been a total joy. Sleeping through the night immediately, he honestly was toilet trained within the first few weeks, and has become the best of friends with us and our children. 
Thank you so so much for socialising your puppies at a young age. We truly believe that you have enabled Hugo to be the confident, funny and sweet, not so little dog that he is at 7 months old. He's brilliantly social with other dogs along with people, and the most well behaved young dog we know. He's our perfect furry companion, we love him so much and we can't wait to one day come back you and your family for another bundle of joy. 
From Ginger and Mr Fox's litter, 25th April


Hi Liz,


I wanted to send you our testimonial.


We finally decided it was time for us to have a puppy and after many hours of looking we found Liz and her cockapoos. Right from my first contact Liz was really helpful. We waited for a litter to be born and verbally reserved our puppy. When they were old enough I went to visit and fell in love with Tilly, a gorgeous little sable pup. I visited a few times, everything about the puppy’s home was lovely. We met both of Tilly’s parents and many other dogs! The farm is in a stunning location and all the dogs benefit from being in such a great area where they can enjoy being outdoors once they’re old enough. Liz’s daughter handled Tilly quite a bit which I’m sure helped her become such a calm puppy.

Tilly is our first dog and at just over one year old now she is amazing. She loves us completely, wants to please but can be a bit naughty too! She has grown into a gorgeous dog and her colour changes still amaze me! Liz was helpful throughout despite being heavily pregnant. I now get puppy broody every time I look at her website!

Thank you Liz, we love her ❤️




Hi Liz
I have given some feedback to the CCGB as they were asking for it, so I thought you might like something for your website as well?
Our puppy 'Lexi' is 8 months old now and has settled in to our family life so well. She is incredibly well socialised, and we've yet to find anything or anyone that scares her. She wasn't fussed by fireworks at all, just totally ignored them and got on with the job of doing her business in the garden! She only barks at something new, and even that is more of a woof than a bark. She is a very happy , confident, friendly puppy, and toilet training her was so much easier than I had expected, helped I am sure by the fact she had been introduced to grass early on in her life.
The information and advice you gave us when we collected her was invaluable. I can't recommend you highly enough for others looking for a Cockapoo puppy.



We got our adorable sable cockapoo from Hallslake Farm 18 months ago. After a good 10 years of being badgered by our children we finally caved in and agreed to get a dog. After having done a lot of research and spoken to a lot of owners of litters we immediately knew that Hallslake was the right fit for us. We fell in love with the whole litter but our youngest knew which one was for us when he rolled over to have his tummy tickled and refused to move. We literally haven’t looked back since- our lives have been completely transformed and enriched albeit with a slight smell of damp doginess. We have been amazed at Liz’s adeptness at predicting his personality traits from so early on and have been so thankful for all the before and aftercare that we received.

Thank you Graham and Liz.


We had a brilliant experience at Hallslake Farm with Graham and Liz.  Fantastic location and facilities for the dogs, but most of all it was just a lovely friendly, family feel to the place, with beautiful friendly dogs there to greet us on each of our visits. All the information and advice we could possibly want was provided. 

After meeting both parents (Jingle and Ted), we picked our puppy Luna and took her home in February 2017.  She has been an amazing addition to the family, settling in really well and socialising with other dogs, kids and adults brilliantly. She is very intelligent and picked up basic commands very quickly- she even won a best trick prize at a local dog show when she was five months old. Most of all, she is just a friendly, excitable, loving ball of fluff, who just wants to play and be with you.




We were delighted to collect our beautiful little girl cockerpoo Gracie we arrived at Hallslake farm after taking about a year to find the right breeders and puppy for us. This was definitely worth the wait as we was delighted to see your farm and meet you and your little girl and all the delightful lovely puppies and their mum & dad 

Thank you both for being so helpful with all the information you gave us and the complete package which was given to us this was referred to frequently for the early weeks.

We are hoping to see you all again sometime this year to choose a little friend for Gracie as you will know she has just past 1 year

As dicussed with you it would the right time.

We would like to say that we cannot recommend you enough to Gracie’s admires which happens frequently.




We are first time puppy owners and found our adorable cockerpoo Lulu when she was just 8 weeks old with Liz and Graham on their farm. They couldn't have been more helpful and friendly, gave us great advice and have the perfect setting for breeding healthy and sociable dogs. Lulu is an affectionate, lively and much loved family member, now 18 months and thriving. She is great with children and other dogs and is much admired in general! We wouldn't be without her and can highly recommend Hallslake without reservation.

(Lulu is a fantastic example of how sable colouring in puppies changes as they get older, and every time they are clipped. As a puppy Lulu was black and cream sable at 8 weeks, as you can see in the first picture. Then as a young adult, in the second pictures, she is silver and cream) - Liz


Hi Liz,

Absolutely delighted with our pup, we have called her Bear.

She is a bright little thing and has learnt to come when called, sit, wait before diving for her food, and now starting to walk to heel (amazing what treats do).

She has socialised out and about in her puppy carrier, met older dogs, our noisy builders, been to puppy class, and been out on the water with us, she's a tiny bundle of chaos and joy.

Here's a couple of pictures;


Dear Liz
I wanted to send you this testimonial, 
"We have had a great experience with Liz and Hallslake Farm. When we first got in touch, Liz gave us all the information we needed to make a decision and kept us updated with photos of the young litter. It was great to be able to visit them at 6 weeks and view our new puppy with mum and dad there. On collection day there was a brilliant pack of information for us which we ran through in detail. Liz's professional approach made the whole process a great pleasure. It’s reassuring to know that our puppy was given a great foundation with lots of socialisation. We are over the moon with our little girl Lilly Rose, she’s now 4 months and has truly stolen our hearts. She’s so friendly and has lots of confidence - just a treasure!"