Candice Serci (Maggie) & Forever Rizi Bizi Obelix At Chikorita (Kodi)

Born 30th September 2023

Ready for collection 25th Nov - 2nd Dec

This is our really special girl Maggie's last litter, and shes just so gorgeous we decided we needed to keep a daughter from her! We bred her to Kodi who is also Black & Tan and super quality and the puppies have not disappointed. Maggie is small and petite, incredibly sweet natured, kind and calm. Kodi is a bigger and stronger looking dog, very correct and masciline in appearance but a total goof-ball in personality, playful, soft and kind. Both these dogs are black and tan themselves, but the both also carry chocolate, and roan and they have managed to produce the full range of colours! While they are very small the tan points dont show very clearly, but they will become clearer as they get bigger. 

Black & Tan - Girl - 312761  - Grey Collar - Available

Black & Tan - Girl - 312763  - Red Collar - Available / Pending

Chocolate & Tan - Girl - 312768  - Purple Collar - Retained

Chocolate & Tan - Girl - 312773  - Yellow Collar - Reserved DE

Black & Tan - Boy - 312770  -  Orange Collar - Available

Black & Tan - Boy - 312767  - Blue Collar - Available

Chocolate Roan & Tan - Boy - 312778  -  Green Collar - Available / Pending