We have just completed the reservations of Mini, Mocha & Red's litters and it was total mayhem. BT closed the line half way through due to unusually high incoming call volumes,  and callers seemed to be connecting to us and were then cut off. We temporarily added the mobile number and then tried our best to answer both. It was very stressful for all involved, most certainly including ourselves, and I can only apologize for the confusion. All the puppies have been reserved despite us not giving out our contact details to new applicants, and there are still numerous very disappointed people sending us sad messages conveying their upset. We feel genuinely terrible for the people that have desperately tried to get through but have been unsuccessful.  It won't be long now until our next litters will be born, with Purple & Pudding both due at the end of this month, so we can only hope you stick with us and there will be another chance soon.

As we have no way of actually knowing how many people are trying to get a puppy from us at them moment, we are going to ask if anyone who has tried, and failed, to get through could please do something for us? We would ask you to please take a photocopy or screen shot of a phone bill to prove you have trying to contact us at the call in time on a reservation night, and are not a new contact, then print it out, and write us a letter telling us who you are and what you are looking for (F1 / F1b / Cocker - if you are very specific on sex / colour it is much more difficult). Then put it in the post to us here at Hallslake, and we will compile a list of how many people we are realistically looking at, and see if there is anyway we can try to get everybody suitable, a reservation. We can't guarantee anything, as we don't know if we will get 1 letter or 1000.... but if you are willing to take the time to do that, them we will do our best for you. 

Please note that all puppies born after 1st April 2020 will be subject to VAT so £1500 (+vat = £1800).

Imminent litters;

 Nothing until end July/early August

Confirmed pregnancies;

Purple x Paddy

Pudding x Willy Wonka (still not 100% sure if Willy is fertile yet....)

Amy x Mr Fox


Recent Breedings; 



Planned Breedings;

Wait and see! :) 




We are in a time of declared Global Health Emergency, so sadly with us having 2 vulnerable people living here, we are not allowing visits to the farm at this time.

We are still happy for puppies to to be reserved and will be open to telephone chats or video calls instead of visits for the time being. We hope very much that the situation will soon be controlled and things will return to normal. 

In the mean time, if you already have a puppy reserved we will work hard to keep the website pictures regularly updated, and will happily arrange contactless collection, or a professional pet courier delivery.