We do currently have some available puppies, please call for more information. 

Planned Breedings;

I'm finding it hard not to post loads of pictures of our puppies on the website, but the police locally have advised me to keep a low profile on our litters for the time being as there is a spate of dog thefts happening in this area, and the thought of anyone attempting to take our dogs is just unbearable. So we are sending pictures to people on the waiting lists as and when we have puppies available, but not making them available on the website I'm afraid. I hope to be able to post more pictures soon, and will add a few of the sold puppys just for interest. 

F1 cockapoo's hopefully due in late October, a litter of reds / golds expected, and also a litter of chocolate / chocolate & cream sables!

Please ring us for more information 01598 741444