Right from the moment they were born, we have been socialising each and every puppy born at Hallslake, preparing him (or her) for his future life as a loving companion. We have introduced different noises, different surfaces, different play items and areas, as well as different animals, vehicles and feeding locations – all of this habituation and novelty contributes to the puppies’ early development. The early ground work that we put into these litters’ social and emotional wellbeing has a direct impact on the puppies’ ability to be fit for function as a family dog.

It is imperative that the puppy’s new owner continues this socialisation when their new puppy comes home. From about 5 weeks of age, and continuing over the time the puppy normally goes to his new home, an important transition takes place in the puppy’s ability to take in new situations as his natural fearfulness increases. It is therefore so important that new owners don’t miss this valuable window of opportunity for their puppy to experience new things – which will close at around 14 weeks of age. Because of this small window, we ask for puppies to be collected before they are 10 weeks old where ever possible. This gives the puppy the best possible opportunity to mould in to his new environment and family without issue. If for any reason you are planning to have a puppy from us that you are unable to collect before they are 10 weeks old we need to know as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to extend the socilisation of your puppy beyond our normal early day program.

For puppies staying with us after 10 weeks of age, and during their time with us we will start on a socialisation plan more closely aligned to that which they will receive when they do go to their new home. We will start lead training, they will spend a lot more time in our home, will spend short periods sleeping alone during the day time, and will start grass training (for wee's). They will spend time with bigger groups of older dogs (non family) to encourage good canine manners, and away from other dogs or litter mates to encourage good human manners! They will begin to get used to being bathed, blow dried and groomed, will have the hair around their eyes, ears and toes trimmed using electric clippers, and will have their nails cut (all things a cockapoo is likely to need to be confident with in later life). They will spend alone time both in the house, and outside, to encourage independence, and will without doubt spend a lot of time being carried about and cuddled by my daughters!

We can also arrange for 2nd vaccinations to be administered at our closest veterinary surgery. We charge an additional £60 for this to cover the cost of the vaccine and the travel to and from Minehead which is 20 miles from us.

Export for our puppies. 

For puppies which are going to be exported we ask a complete price of £2500 which covers the price of the puppy, it's socialisation and keep up to 16 weeks of age (which is the earliest they are permitted to travel abroad), their 2nd vaccination, rabies vaccination, European Health Checks, Fit to Fly Certs & Tape worm treatments.

 £500 deposit is asked for as normal at reservation (£250 to go on the waiting list & £250 at the conformation of a specific puppy) with the remaining balance payable when the puppy reaches 8 weeks old (the date at which it would be old enough to leave for it's new home were it saying in the UK). 

We are also able to offer international door to door private delivery, at a very reasonable cost, with one of our staff. This means puppy can be happy and with someone familiar who whole journey.  This will be at the puppy parents expense.