The current price of Hallslake puppies staying in the UK, is £1800 including VAT. This will change from 2121 onwards.

If you are looking for bank details than you have probably already read the reservations process we operate here, if not please have a read. It's under the 'Available Now' drop down menu. 

We don't have a waiting list system here, so we don't ask for are money to be paid until you have already reserved a specific puppy, and he or she has been allocated to you using your initials on our website. 

Once you have a puppy reserved in your name, we ask for a deposit of £250 to be paid within a week of reserving. We like it if you can please use the end of the microchip number of your puppy as a payment reference for bank transfers, as it makes it much easier for us to track & confirm. This number is written on the webpage of the litter, after each individual puppy. 

Once a deposit is paid we don't ask for final payment until the puppy is ready to be collected. We then ask for the remaining £1550 balance to be paid either before, or on collection please. Again, using the end of the microchip number as payment reference is a big help to us. If there are any additional charges owed for a longer stay, 2nd vaccinations etc we ask that these are also paid at this time please. 

For puppies which are going to be exported we ask a complete price of £2500. This covers the price of the puppy, it's socialisation and keep up to 16 weeks of age (which is the earliest they are permitted to travel abroad), their 2nd vaccination, rabies vaccination, their passport, and all related travel costs. We as the normal deposit of £250 at reservation, and the remaining balance of £2250 to be paid once the puppy is 8 weeks old. 

Our bank details are;

Account name;        Mrs E J Mugleston / Hallslake Cockers

Sort Code;               30-95-08

Account Number;     00221609

IBAN;                       GB75LOYD30950800221609

BIC;                         LOYDGB21465