Amy x Mr Fox    

Amy has had a huge litter of 11 puppies!  She's been a super mum but her litter were born a little premature and were struggling a little, so luckily Pumpkin stepped up and kindly took on 4 of her biggest ones to rear as her own! Thanks to this extra help we didn't loose any puppies and all are now big, strong and happy puppies, included a slightly smaller gold boy who we were a little worried might get pushed out by the rest of the litter. What a good bunch of mums we have!   

As normal, for the first 7 days after making the litter available ONLY people who have already visited us are able to ring and reserve the puppies. 

Please call 01598 741105 to make verbal reservations.


We have one of this litter reserved to go abroad to Monaco at 16 weeks old, so we would be delighted to speak to anyone else hoping to export a puppy as it's always nice for the puppies to have a litter mate to play with up until they leave.  


Blue collar - Sable Boy (no white) - 135840 - RESERVED AMdG (Netherlands)

Black collar - Red Boy (white star) - 351833 - RESERVED CY

Pink collar - Blonde girl 634161 - RESERVED EM

Purple collar - Gold boy - 634164 - RESERVED DW

White flower - Chocolate sable boy - 351825 - RESERVED

Red Collar - Light red boy (white chest & chin)  - 351832 - RESERVED SR

Orange collar - Blonde boy - 351826 - RESERVED KSR

Dark green collar - Red boy (lots of white on face, chest and 4 white feet GORGEOUS) - 351824 - RESERVED SD (Monaco)

Light green collar - Gold girl (white back toes)- 634169 - RESERVED BB

Gold Collar - Sable girl (white chest) - 351838  - RESERVED AP

Yellow collar - Sable girl (white star) - 351836 - RESERVED JM

Photos updated 7th Jan 2019 (pics with just 4 are the girls, with 7 are the boys)

I've added a few fun pictures of the older puppies (which are being further socialised) playing in the garden... 16/02/19