This litter has now been fully reserved. 

Bella x Ted (F1)

29th Jan saw the arrival of Bella & Ted's litter of chocolates and blacks. Bella is probably our smallest and prettiest cocker spaniel. Bella is very sweet and loving, a gentle soul and a bit of a favorite. She is the full sister of our previous stud dog Beano, so is also Aunty to many of our chocolate sable girls (Mocha, Chino, and youngsters Scampi, Chips) and she is also mother of our lovely chocolate roan litter Pinky, Purple & Dotty. We expect these puppies to have very wavy, thick, ringlet coats, classic F1 looks, and a beautiful temperament. 

634056 - Pink collar - Chocolate Girl - white line on chest -RESERVED TD

351863 - Yellow collar - Chocolate Girl - no white - RESERVED SD

634052 - Purple collar - Black Boy - no white - RESERVED JH-B

634043 - Green collar - Black Boy - white throat and chin - RESERVED HD

634054- Blue collar - Black Boy - no white - RESERVED ST

634059 - Red collar - Chocolate Boy - white bib & back toe - RESERVED MA