Older Puppies

Occasionally we might have older puppies available, either of our own, or through changes in customers circumstances. These are always sold with the same full backing we give all of our puppies. 

Currently Available;


Outside Litters

When our stud dogs are used on outside bitches we are often asked to help sell the litter. Because our boys are all 100% health tested to be clear and non-carriers of all hereditary conditions, it means that they are safe to breed to all bitches, and none of their puppies could ever be affected by any of the testable conditions that can be passed on.

If we are asked to use our boys to stud one of the girls that we have bred here and sold, instead of asking a stud fee, we sometimes ask for a puppy back in return. Because of this, very occasionally we may have a puppy available to sell from a privately owned bitch that has herself been bred here at Hallslake. 

Outside litters currently available;



Older dogs

As top-rated, 5 star breeders, we only breed 4 litters as a maximum (quite often less) from our girls here, and we don't breed them after the age of 7. Our dogs are always secure with us, and even after they have finished breeding, they are guaranteed a home for life. What we do offer for some of the dogs is a 'loan home' for our girls to approved homes. This is where they can be permanently fostered, on condition that should there ever be any problems at all, they will always come back to us here at Hallslake. Normally this option suits older people who have always had dogs but don't feel it would be fair to start out again with a puppy that may in all possibility may outlive them. But sometimes people do just prefer the idea of having a more mature dog that has already passed through the shoe-chawing stage!

We are very cautious and strict about where the dogs go. We like to thoroughly vet the individual, or family, to make sure they are well suited to the personality of the dog, and we require regular updates to let us know that all is well.  All our dogs are nutured before leaving us and will be fully vaccinated and up to date with health tests, and on a regular flea and worming treatment as you would expect. 

Loans Currently Available;


Born 19th Dec 2013

Petal is very special to us as she was the last of Grahams Dad's favorites. Shes an absolutely lovely girl, full of fun, loving, playful and daft as a brush. She would suit a family home with or without kids, but she does love to be active so wouldn't want a 'retirement' home as such, more a walking / busy / going places sort of home. As with most of our older girls, she doesn't love being left alone for long periods as she has always had companionship. A home where someone can be with her most of the time would suit her best. She's really happy to visit places and go out in the car, or to the pub or post office with you though! 



Born 12th July 2016

Uno was the first Cockapoo of our own breeding that we kept, hence the name! She an absolutely gorgeous shade of chocolate and cream sable and looks different from every angle, and after every groom or clip! Uno has taken after the poodle more than the cocker in her looks. She is a light weight & slight bodied girl, and is very loyal to family. She takes a bit of time to warm up to new people, but is absolutely 100% faithful to her favorite people and will not move more than an inch from your side given the option. She would be an absolutley wonderful companion for someone older, or with limited mobility as she would love nothing more than being a lap dog! 

As with most of our older girls, Uno doesn't love being left alone for long periods as she has always had companionship, so she would need to go to someone who could be with her most of the time. 




Born 21st Dec 2016

Muffin is one of the kindest and gentlest of our girls, easy going and laid back, and also a supermodel of a Cocker Spaniel, so there's not much you could faulty her on. 

As with most of our older girls, she doesn't love being left alone for long periods as she has always had companionship, so a home with another dog, or where she will be with someone most of the time would be best. 

Muffin is very calm, is great with children, and would be happy sofa surfing or strolling down the park without being demanding on the exercise front.