Dora x Beano

Most of you who follow the website will have already read about Dora's litter.... Dora had had her puppies , but unfortunately her teets were completely flat (they usually poke down as the milk comes) her puppies were unable to latch on to her properly, meaning much stress, and bottle feeding, and getting up through the night for both Graham and myself. From a litter of 7 we devistatingly lost 2 puppies in the first week, but Dora's teets have finlly dropped enough that she can feed the puppies a little bit herself, so we are hopeful for the remaining 5 puppies.

2 Red girls (Scampi & Chips) RETAINED

A Sable girl with no white on her head 633950 RESERVED

A strong gold boy 633944 RESERVED

A sable boy with a lovely white blaze 63395 RESERVED