Mable has had a bumper litter of 9 puppies!!! 4 girls and 5 boys. They are all doing very well so far and we are very excited about the colours... What we thought was simple orange roan is turning in to some sort of orange/lilac sable roan! Watch this space to see what colour they turn out! There is also a blue roan and tan just like mum, and a black white and tan. We will be keeping a few of the girls for ourselves!

 The roan gene (the flecks of colour which come through in a dogs coat) puppies are born without the roan and it then starts to develop in the puppies first few weeks. The roan then comes through more and more as the puppies get older. You can just start to see the roan coming through on some of these puppies, specially on the darker puppies, but they will be a lot more colourful than they are currently showing. 

(2 Lilac girl with spotty noses, & Blue roan & tan girl  RETAINED)

PINK COLLAR - Orange & white roan girl with black nose 633953 

BLACK COLLAR - Black white & tan boy 633948 

DARK BLUE COLLAR - Orange & white roan boy with no spot on his head & black nose 633951 

ORANGE COLLAR - Orange & white roan boy with a black nose and a spot on his head 633943 

GREEN COLLAR - Orange & white boy with spotty nose and more colour around his eyes 633947 

LIGHT BLUE COLLAR - Orange & white boy with spotty nose and less colour around his eyes 633952