Muffin x Mr Fox F1 Cockapoos THIS LITTER IS NOW FULLY RESERVED but Pumpkins litter will be made available 30th Nov 7pm

Born on 8th November - 8 weeks 3rd January 2019

This is Muffins first time as a mother and she has had been fantastic and had a fabulous litter of babies who are all doing very well!

We have a red girl and a selection of blonde and gold boys and girls. Many have nice white noses and patches on their necks or chest.

As normal, for the first 7 days after making the litter available ONLY people who have already visited us are able to ring and reserve the puppies.

I'm sorry that the girls collar colours aren't very clear in the pictures, but the girls are red, light green, light yellow and white

Please call 01598 741105

Blue collar boy - Blonde with white heart on his head, white nose tip and white collar spot - 351827 - RESERVED SC

Light green collar girl - Gold with white nose tip, white antler shape on her head and white collar spot - 351828 - RESERVED TG

Orange collar boy - Gold with no white - 351829 - RESERVED PB

White collar girl - Blonde with small bit of white on head and white collar spot - 351831 - RESERVED KS

Red collar girl - Red with no white - 351834 - RESERVED SD

Bright Green boy - Gold with no white - 351835- RESERVED TB

Black collar boy - Gold with no white - 351830 - RESERVED O&B

Yellow collar girl - Gold with no white - 351823 - RESERVED JT

Latest photo update take 29th Dec 2018 (white collar girl is in a pink collar with a white tag)