Petal & Mr Fox - This litter is now fully reserved.

Born 25th Oct, We will be closed to visitors here from  23rd Dec-27th Dec (inclusive) to spend time with our own children for Christmas, so collection dates will have to be limited to 21/22 Dec or 28th Dec onwards. Please keep this in mind before looking to reserving a puppy.

We try to avoid breeding puppies that will be ready to leave in December, however Petal's litter will be 8 weeks old on 20th December and ready to collect right around the awkward Christmas period! We are very happy to keep these puppies until New Year to avoid disruption to their early settling in period. If you are interested in these puppies please give plenty of time, consideration and planning to the date they arrive with you. You will need to make sure you will be at home with puppy with time to give one-on-one attention to settle them to their new routine. 

Petal is a beautiful, bouncy, kind and loving girl - as most of you that have visited will have encountered!  She is more active than some of our show type girls, and her puppies are likely to inherit her playful nature. They will be well suited to family life with children, owners who enjoy walks and trips, or should be easy to train to agility or flyball should their new owners wish to pursue that type of activity. If you are looking for a very quiet and laid back puppy it might be worth waiting for one of Pumpkin's litter to be available. Pumpkin is incredibly lazy and would happily remain on the sofa 95% of her life! Muffin, who has excitingly just pupped today, is mid way between the two and is playful while a little steadier than Petal, but not quite so horizontal as Pumpkin!

Puppies from any of these litters will be £1500 each, with a £250 deposit payable by bank transfer on reservation, or before the puppy is 21 days old. 

Navy blue collar boy - Gold with small star, white nose tip and white bib - 006040 - RESERVED KR

Lime green collar girl - Gold with white nose tip and big white chest - 006029 - RESERVED TW

Orange collar girl - Gold with white nose tip and white bib - 006033 - RESERVED CA

Pink collar girl - Gold with white chin and under jaw - 006037 - RESERVED JS

Red collar girl - Gold with tiny white star- 006021 - RESERVED EA

Aqua blue collar boy (gold collar in later pictures) - Blonde with tiny white star - 006030- RESERVED PR 

Black collar boy - Blonde with no white - 006024 - RESERVED NW

Yellow collar girl - Gold with no white - 006031 - RESERVED RS

03/12/18 updated pics - It's hard to make out the collar colours as their curls are stating to grow now... it'll be even harder in a couple of weeks with the next photos!