Pumpkin x Mr Fox F1 Cockapoos

Born on 19th November 2018 - 8 weeks 14th January 2019

Pumpkin has had her litter with ease and has been a brilliant mother. She is such a fabulous mother she is actually raising 3 of Amy's puppies as well as her own as Amy has had 11 puppies and was struggling to look after them all! 

She has had a light red boy, and a selection of blonde and gold boys and girls. Most have nice white noses and patches on their withers or chest.

Pumpkin is the most laid back of all of our dogs, she will happily sleep all day, or go for a sedate walk around with you, but shes certainly not overly energetic- her idea of exercise would be rolling off the sofa to get to the food bowl! Her puppies will inherit some of the sprightliness of the poodle father, but these puppies will be some of the most relaxed and easy going of all our litters so probably better suited to less energetic households. 

As normal, for the first 7 days after making the litter available ONLY people who have already visited us are able to ring and reserve the puppies. 

Please call 01598 741105

Blue collar boy - Gold with a white bib - 351876 - RESERVED JB

Orange collar boy - Light red with a bit of white on head and white wither spot - 351864 - RESERVED CD

White collar girl - Blonde with a big white nose and face, and white wither spot - 351878 - RESERVED DK

Red collar girl - Gold with white nose and forehead and a small wither spot - 351877 - RESERVED YG

Bright Green boy - Blonde with white nose and forehead and a small wither spot - 351869 - RESERVED JB

Black collar boy - Gold with almost no white -  351867- RESERVED JL

Yellow collar girl - Gold with a tiny star and wither stripe - 351870 - RESERVED SAM

Latest photo update 29/12/2018

(I accidently mixed up the green/black collars in the first half of the pics - sorry!)