Purple x Paddy

Born; 30th July 2020

Ready to leave from; 25th Sept 2020

Purple is a lovely, sweet natured, gentle and quiet tempered girl, very relaxed and easy going, and Paddy is an absolute legend, clever, funny & affectionate, so these are the characteristics which we hope this litter of puppies should inherit. 

We have had mostly boys lately, with only 3 girls in this litter of 9, and only 2 girls in Puddings litter of 10! 

In the pictures the 3 black puppies together are the girls, and the rest are all boys. 

Pink collar-black girl-351758-RESERVED C.B

Grey collar-black girl-351748 RESERVED A.C + H.S

Yellow collar-black girl-351741-RESERVED B.J

Blue collar-black boy-351751-RESERVED P.V

Brown collar-gold boy-351746-RESERVED K.W

Green collar-gold boy-351749-RESERVED S.M

Purple collar-gold boy-351757-RESERVED K.B

Orange collar-sable boy-351747-RESERVED R.S

Red collar-gold boy-351752-RESERVED K.C