Red x Mr Fox F1b Litter (F1 Cockapoo x Poodle)


This is our first ever litter of F1b's! We have bred F1 cockapoos for a good number of years now, but never kept one for ourselves or to show people how they turn out, so we kept Uno and Red, our only 2 Cockapoos here at Hallslake, and Red has produced a small, but gorgeous, litter of 4 red F1b's when bred back to Mr Fox! We have been fortunate enough to breed some DEEP RED puppies which are already starting to display very curly coats. We have 2 deeps reds in this litter, and 2 standard reds/golds. At just over 4 weeks old in the latest pictures, the pups are just starting to wobble about and play now. They have gentle play fights with each other, and are eating wet puppy food. I'll try to keep the pictures coming over the Christmas period. 


This (above) is the deep red girl. Reserved N&J

This (above) is the little gold boy with out any white. Reserved SC.

This (above) is the deep red boy. Reserved SG. 

This (above) is the little gold boy with a white star & snip. Reserved KD.