Spot & Mr Fox have had 7 puppies!

Vet check and vaccination all completed today (23rd April) and everyone in fine! Collections welcome from 25th onwards.

We have had blacks and golds, sadly non of the reds we were hoping for, but they're big, strong, healthy puppies and that's the main thing. There are 3 black girls (one with quite a lot of white) and a gold girl, and 2 gold boys and a black boy. Spot is quite a small and quiet natured mum, she's clever and not at all pushy or bossy, she's a lot of fun and loves to play, but never pushes the boundaries and would be horrified if she ever thought she had upset you. She really likes to please. These are the sort of characteristics I would expect her to pass on to her puppies. 

These puppies willl be £1500, with verbal reservations being taken immediately, but no deposits taken until after they're 14 days old. 

In the photos the boys are on blue and the girls on pink.

Black Girl lots of white RESERVED NW

Black Girl small white chin & bib RESERVED JC

Black Girl small white chin & bib RESERVED JM

Golden Girl white star RESERVED VJ


Gold Boy white star RESERVED SH

Gold Boy tiny white star RESERVRD AH